Letters from the Editrix – Summer 2014

Welcome to the second edition of Silver Star Journal of New Magick, issue three. In this last year we have seen many of our ilk encountering Death, some even greeting It, and also a resurgence in organic Lodge activity. The Lodge seems thankful, and cohesive. Nema herself had an ordeal beginning last Fall, having developed pneumonia which required subsequent surgery. To our great relief, Maggie is now recovering, of course not at all having lost her particular spark or spunk. Donald Michael Kraig only just passed away late this March. It seems that even a falling feather can move us to action, when we are pressed with questioning the temporal. With some assistance, Nema is currently in the process of compiling a book relating to communications beginning in 1975 between herself, and the late Kenneth Grant (who passed away in 2011). We all cross a strange bridge between the Worlds of the Living, and the Dead. Our bodies will not last. And sure enough, we are only given so much time to do what we must. So…

Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,
Love is the law, love under will.

My offerings to this journal come by way of the written word, as it does with all of its contributors, for these are not meagre compositions of letters on screens or paper. The human faculty that differentiates us the most from other animals could be seen to be our ability to think as clearly we do, and to communicate those thoughts outside of mere primal intuitive Hive-Mind actions. Essentially that we annunciate, and differentiate to an extreme separates us from other species, despite the ability to still communicate “inter-specially”. We have the utmost connection to one and other as evolving mammalian beings, and yet, we benefit from complete and utter autonomy come adulthood. To truly understand the written word as an occult fascination, one must be willing to recognize magick in the obscure and the mundane. These pieces are the culmination of lives, works, workings, the works of lives, these works have lives, and for some, this will be undeniable, as they get up off the page, reaching out, and integrating with the walking, talking talisman of you. Disquisitions taken a stab at from the right angle can slice a tear through the fabric of our very souls, staining our memory in ways wholly integral to our being. Often, as with seeds capable of remaining dormant for long periods of time, the stories we carry with us sprout, blooming later, even blooming repeatedly. The sort of bloom or the fruit of it, depends. Our habits, and our passions become graven upon our beings, some impressions carving out the shape of our future selves with genius precision. The sea beats against, and wears away the shorelines, mountainsides and cliff faces, leaving lasting impacts, despite being subject to farther change, as we are always subject to metanoia, and yet there are waves of Understanding in the Ocean of Chaos. Justice can be said not to exist or to be blind, and yet, we have seen fair judgment, witnessing the scales arriving at a place of sanctified balance, from time to time, the vision of Her and Her vision, perfect. Just because She isn’t kicking about on cue, doesn’t mean She will not appear with Her own particular, absolute prudence, and just because she is hoodwinked doesn’t mean that She’s blind… But enough of because. She is of us, we, acting as conduits for Her evocation, as our bodies and the sounds of our words are of the atoms knitted into the fabric of the Universe, the tapestry enmeshing us, Her presence seen through our human affairs. Some would argue that this sound rings hollow, and yet, it is for Her that the Liberty Bell was tolled. Once. And it is for Her that it remains Silent. The point, like the tip of a sword, is made quite sharply clear, when you realize that it is pressing at our very throats. Are you listening? There’s so much to take in, the Silence, like the sounds and pictures painted of words, can be symphonic.

Times are changing radically, and certain recondite practices have become acceptable in ways that for a long period were often only imagined without fear of persecution. By some standards of today’s society, this is old news, and yet, a particular comprehension of personal, spiritual freedom which Thelema directly attests to is still generally in its youth, as far as a resurgence, outside of existent Shamanic cultures. We have never seen an age quite like this one, nor has the type of human being in existence today been here before. Reflecting on the conjuration of the Book of the Law in 1904 on its 110th anniversary, and the accessibility of so much knowledge that has come before, and since, we are cognately aware now of our own inherent self-fulfilling spiritual, and prophetic nature with a good deal of historical hindsight to benefit from. The lines are beginning to blur between sects, orders, practices, practitioners, scholars, cults, individuals, lineages, traditions, fiction, and fact, with the witnessing of a bigger picture through the contemporary corporeal. Our commonalities outweigh our differences, as barriers drawn by race, gender, and culture become either erased or they mix, encountering each other on an ever-changing pallet of gnosis.

Some people seem to be of the opinion that to be a Thelemite, one adheres to strict visions and versions of Hadit, Nuit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit, as outlined in the good Red book, or that one prescribes only to grades of certain ‘secret’ systems, or to ultimatums set up by a mythology that sprang forth with reception of its foundational texts, and yet, Thelema looks at various religions, philosophies and concepts in the spirit of holism. Once having learned of something from the Center, for example, the Egyptian archetypes, the mind can only then continue to find relationships between those, and the rest of the World, finding parallels everywhere. Thelema also considers the whole person, in terms of their psychology, and perhaps most importantly, their absolute right to sovereign individuality. In my direct and definitely not always humble, or humbling experience, that is to say, in my debatable account, Thelema can act as a gateway to creativity, intelligence, and critical thinking concerning how we operate both in the world, and how we consider ourselves to truly be of it, internally, and externally. Those necessarily inclined toward Thelemic ideology, as particular as its mythos may be, might never be interested in Aleister Crowley – It is a Spirit that can be carried by the non- Initiate, winding and weaving through many paths, that only becomes fully realized by the removal of stigmas, with the comprehension of the World in its truly meaningful, and surreal essence.

On Scorpio in its Fall – Kali Yuga

Burning the midnight incense again,
The Moon above sinks its teeth in,
Glides across the sky,
Slithering, stalking,
Biting cold upon the victims of the jungle inside,
Lobsters, like scorpions,
Springing wings,
Flying back into the centre,
Of the starting,
Of the sting,
A measure or a dose of poison,
For the cleansing.

Sincerely, the Editrix,
Soror Iris E.
& the Nu Silver Star Editorial Collective

☉ in 0° Aries : ☽ in 24° Scorpio

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Letters from the Editrix – Fall 2013

Nema Andahadna, prophetess, and author of Ma’at Magick, has now unveiled www.maatmagick.com. Also upon the reception, and delivery of Liber Phoenix by Frater Aion 131, Silver Star Journal of New Magick has exploded with the certain Star Fire of Nu Life; Something like a small Death all of its own, for those intimately aquainted especially with its inception. Firstly, the journal has taken on a newer digital format, as a tail end on the meteorite landing of a new website for the Horus Ma’at Lodge (horusmaatlodge.com), accounced this summer, 2013. This is in part of a push for the Journal to come virtually up to date with the times as with the web site which prompted a shift in editors in the journal’s ninth year, with an intermittent two year hiatus. The changing of hands means that Silver Star will look different as it evolves, but the Spirit of the journal surely remains the same. Just as the Heart of the Phoenix never dies, some torches of a certain Promethean Fire may be passed on though the source of their force can never be smothered, their flames are Eternal, or at least, Eternal-Seeming. Frater Aion respectively began this periodical in 2004, and it is largely to both him, the inspiration, and he grit of other core members, that we may all toast our chalices of ink, blood, or meta-(possibly fizzical)-liquid of our pick for the opportunity to participate in Silver Star Journal. This publication has been sustained, and manfiested by the participating, practing artists, ritualists, magickians, writers, essayists, and magickal folk who’s Great Work has made the journal possible these many years long. Silver Star has helped to solidify the Foundations of the Horus Ma’at Lodge through Time. It has fortified, and stregnthened our virtual esoteric community for Past, and Future generations of Magi/Maga. Through the constant flow of Arte-istic themes, synchronicities are woven from the intentional Web of
the Work of the Lodge, and can easily be witnessed. Beyond this having an effect to tighten the bonds of those interested in the Lodge, its members, and the Work thereof, Silver Star has become manifest even as its own seemingly intelligent Egregoric enterprise. Silver Star represents the abundance in personal freedom, ripe for the taking, available to any adept who but reaches out their hand in an effort to make a drop in the pool. For our unsuspecting contributors from Times Yet to Be, do not be surprised when the pool jumps up, and envelops you.

We are releasing this Volume III, issues #1 on October 12th, affectionately referred to by Thelemites, and (oc)cultists alike as Crowleymass, the day when Aleister Crowley was born unto this Earth via the loins of a perposterous matron. If there is one thing that I have garnered from Aleister Crowley recently, it is toward the ends of learning to take some enjoyment from being vilified. We are in an age when ignorance is truly an excuse, as we exist heavily steeped in nothing short of the evidence of knowledge. It’s like the scent of flowers on the Aire; we only need to pick it up. In fact, quite literally, all that we need do to answer most questions is refer to the internet; The Great Library of Alexandria, re-erected, without walls! Even in the case of metaphorical questioning, where the answers can truly only be found by the Self, the internet can still give us some fantastic indications aiding greatly in the process of our unfolding. Those of us who seek answers ultimately must go beyond the limitations that our soceity has set for us. In the United Kingdom it’s being said that come 2014, the internet will be subject to a mass censorship campaign against things like child pornography, buggery, suicide web sites, and other extremely heinous, often illegal activities. In this pile of things to be censored, and cut out of common internet exposure, is broad term “esoteric content.” To even have these words put into the same category as kiddie porn, is a sort of vilification of homo veritas, or evolved man, Itself/Himself/Herself/Hir Self. It is a stone hurled from the past, directly into the faces of our Future, and many have heard tell that other countries will be asked to follow suit. The Horus Ma’at Lodge’s web site exists on an independent server that we feel can be relied upon come any attempted seige of
online consciousness, thankfully though there are no concrete rumors of the United States jumping on board with this just yet. This could hardly be more frightening to those amongst us who realize that here poses an extreme threat to our freedom as people, and as Ssspiritual beings, and practitioners. Regardless, the censorship does not limit us from experiencing our own experiences, or
treading our own unique paths, and no government will ever win any war on our very thoughts, expressed without killing the most important parts of themselves in the process. Now, more than ever, we must see how despite our differences we are better when we ban together, as Silver Star Journal has actively encouraged nothing short of acceptance, and inclusion of all creeds. This alleged
forthcoming law is not the Law, and may well limit others in the future wishing to follow their own paths, who will not have the priviledge of such easy information plucking from the storehouse of Yesod. It is in this time that we may consider renewed support in our occult book, and magazine publishers. For some, this devastation could be seen as a blessing. For observant others, to see
only the blessing is to ignore the great boon that is carried with it, a clear attempt to smother out pagan, and occult knowledge from the masses. Perhaps we’ve been getting too popular for those in power, with the resurgence of publishing houses dedicated to the work of making the Wisdom of the Craft, and Artes, Understood. I ask that we all stand in solidarity with one, and other, and embrace our connections, as opposed to our distances, and disconnects with the clarity of a gratitude aware of its own witness, as we move farther into this new century.

We are absolutely fortunate, some may say destined to have such a vast array of talented individuals on so many various levels, and planes, contributing to this journal whom have all been such a pleasure to be the Messenger betwixt Worlds, Webs, Wells, and Words, to and for.

In nomine N’Aton, homo veritas,
Do as thou wilt shall be the Whole of the law,
Love is the law, love under will.

Soror Iris E

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Introductions – Winter 2012

There was utter darkness

And then there was the Vibration, the sound of….something
And the first primal mound rose out of the primordial Ocean of Infinite Stars and Infinite Space
And Something….. Became

And so, after a couple of years of silence, of shadows and sibilant introspections- is born another SilverStar Journal. It will likely be the last in this format. Stay tuned.

The Web of Stars has been collecting many things and I dump them here for you on the splendid altar of Omnipresent Oddity & Wyrd Wonder- To Nu and to Had, to Heru & Maat & to the laugher to Pan- to all the manifold images, archetypes and gods and goddesses- to the Zeitgeist Dragon splender becoming soon the Serpent of wisdom, the rainbow serpent, the Sky and Earth; Sun Moon and Fire.

For these are trying times of great SOLVE and dissolution- red-eyed gunmen run mad in the street, theaters, coffee shops, schools, Governments slaughter their own people; All are attempting to slay the New Being, the New Awareness, the Golden Child of a shining new eruption- andthe Shadow can slay and slay, but the power of evolutionary illumination and infinite joy grows and grows. For we have learned to Occupy Ourselves- the space we are born into and the happiness and love we deserve and the Will we project into the world as we strive to do our great work and THE Great Work. And the demons and the ignorant and the asleep and the slaves and the greedheads, contollers, restrictors- the greyfaces- they will nip at our heels and shoot our avatars and throw about poison and chaos and meanness and offer endless glittering delicious entertaining Nothings to enslave or control us, or they smash us if seduction fails.

But it is too late. They have lost.

We awaken, we breathe, we sing and dance, play and write, we meditate and conjure and play, play, play for we live in a New Aeon of infinite electric possibilities and the greyfaces cant or wont see this nor will they participate. It threatens the ossified, putrified casings of what is left of the the Old Way of Being and they can not or will not shed this skin, thus they drag it around and this will hold them back. For as the Solstice strikes, as the Great Mayan Prophecy, whatever it may be, occurs; as time itself is transformed and the CROWN CHAKRA OF THE PLANET OPENS AND SHINES- we are here. And we are Avatars of BIG CHANGES, baby. And we have things to say, to sing, to chant, to show to play and to write….and so, as we enter something new and wonderful, not blind to the horrors sweeping around us but gazing ever at the One Star in Sight above the mire of the dross, above the haze and poisons arises a Great Tree and it again blooms silver star blossoms.

Here, enjoy the flowers and wonder and marvel with me about what a fantastical and beautiful and utterly strange Tribe we are. We are All and we are One. Let us raise a glass and toast! TO US, TO YOU- TO NU !

Exceed, Exceed!

Joyous Solstice!


Aion 131

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All Work herein is copyrighted by the authors 2013 - do not copy without permission. Om Ha.